Complaints and client feedback

DCLS welcomes and values informal and formal feedback including feedback that suggests solutions to any problems.


You can give feedback and provide input by:

  • Communicating with a DCLS staff member including a Team Leader, the Principal Solicitor or the Executive Officer
  • Completing the client satisfaction survey
  • Using the feedback form (available at and from DCLS and on the website)
  • Responding to any requests for input from DCLS.


You have the right to bring concerns to attention including the right to complain. You can do this by raising your concerns:

  1. Via DCLS processes which, depending on the matter might be with the:
    • DCLS person/people concerned
    • relevant Team Leader
    • DCLS Principal Solicitor or Executive Director

2. You can contact the relevant person by calling DCLS, dropping in or emailing.                                                                                   Ph: 08 8982 1111 or 1800 812 953                                                                                                                                                               Address: 75 Woods Street, Darwin Post: GPO Box 3180, Darwin NT 0801                                                                                             Email:

If the complaint is not resolved informally, you can opt for it to be treated as a complaint for which you are seeking a formal response.

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