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(08) 8982 111                                                                   Email us and                                             Complete our online intake form

1800 812 953 (free call)                                                 we will call you

9am – 5pm (Mon-Fri)

Whether you reach us via phone, email, or by filling our online form, the next step is the same.


We will ask you about your problem. This is called ‘intake’.

Intake involves questions about three things:


(1)   About your problem (2)   About you (3)   About other people involved

Brief account of what happened. This helps us assess whether we can help with your problem.



Your name

Date of birth


Other details (such as your income and living situation)

Their name

Contact details

Any other details



We may ask you to provide documents about your problem, if you have any.


Using the details provided, we will perform a conflict check to see if we can take you as a client for an initial appointment

Where we are unable to assist, we will try to refer you to another service.


(1) We may be able to advise or assist with your problem.

We will call you to make an appointment with one of our lawyers or advocates


(2) We will call you to try to refer you to another service if we are unable to assist you.


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