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Elder Abuse is the exploitation of the vulnerability of older people. This can be by scams targeting the elderly and also by close family members such as adult children. Financial abuse is a large component of elder abuse.

DCLS is pleased that the Federal Budget includes measures for safeguarding older Australians.

The Australian Government has committed resources to working with the States, Territories and relevant stakeholders to develop a National Plan to combat elder abuse.  It is important that this funding is directed at those in most need and recognises the challenges of multiple levels of disadvantage and the lack of access to services experienced by older people in remote areas.  The commitment to the availability of cultural appropriate aged care facilities is particularly relevant in the Northern Territory.

Measures include the creation of nationally consistent enduring powers of attorney documents that can be searched on an online register. This will empower banking staff to better identify potential financial elder abuse and stop it before it occurs.

DCLS is committed to utilising this opportunity to improve the lives of Senior Territorians. Our Senior Territorians deserve to enjoy their golden years in a community that promotes and safeguards their right to respect, dignity and life free from exploitation and abuse.

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