Tenancy Community Legal Education

Tenancy Community Engagement/Legal Education

The Tenants’ Advice Service (TAS) is committed to ensuring that the legal system is accessible to all members of our community. Community Engagement and Community Legal Education (CLE) play a major part in demystifying the law and provides an opportunity to talk to the broader community about the rights of disadvantaged people.

The Tenants’ Advice Service provides community education and training opportunities to groups of clients, organisations and service providers who are keen to find out more about the rights and responsibilities of tenants in the Northern Territory.

Examples of some topics that our Tenants’ Advice Service can speak to you about:

  • Rights and responsibilities of tenants when entering a lease
  • Repairs: What are the legal requirements for tenants and landlords?
  • Bond: How can I get my bond back?
  • Termination of tenancy agreements

If you are interested in organising a session with the Tenants’ Advice Service, please fill in the form below:

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